East India Tours Packages

East India presents an altogether different country for the visitors. Blessed by nature with astonishing natural beauty with lush greenery, majestic sights and a unique culture that sets it apart from the other parts of the nation, the eastern India covers states that although culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse, nevertheless shares some amazing common features that unifies it with almost a seductive charm.

Our exclusive East India tour packages cover the states of Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand introduce you to some delightful new experiences, little charms, bewildering adventures and heavenly scenes.

On this amazing sojourn, you can take part in the splendid chariot festival of Jagannath, immerse yourself in the beauty of Darjeeling, visit the cradles of ideas of Bodhgaya and Nalanda or forget the world in the wonder of North Eastern States. East India is place that cannot be told but can only be experienced.

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